NAHU represents licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants and benefit professionals who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individuals seeking health insurance coverage.
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NAHU Policies and Procedures

Awards P&Ps
Board P&Ps
Committee P&Ps
Communications P&Ps
Executive P&Ps
Finance P&Ps
Legislative P&Ps
Meeting P&Ps
Membership P&Ps

Awards P&Ps

Awards Qualification Year [96-01-1-AW] (2020)
NAHU Awards Review [05-01-AW] (2020)
Gordon Awards Committee [No number assigned](2020)
LPRT Qualification Requirements [95-03-AW] (2019)
Spirit of Independence Award [96-01-2-AW] (2019)

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Board P&Ps

BoT Decision Process [03-02-B] (2018)
BoT Orientation [03-03-B] (2018)
Duties of the Secretary [95-02-B] (2018)
E-Mail Voting Procedure [04-02-B] (2019)
Implementation of P&Ps (95-01-B) (2020)
Policies and Procedures Sunset Period [94-01-B] (2019)
Review of Regional Alignment (02-01-B) (2020)
RVP Reimbursement for Training (12-02-B) (2018)
Vice Chairs' Integration to the Board [03-01-B] (2019)

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Committee P&Ps

Governance Committee Organization & Function [95-06-CMT] (2019)
E-mail Voting Procedure and Addendum [05-02-CMT] (2017)
Mailing of Nominations Forms and Instructions to Chapters [98-03-CMT] (2019)
Nominations Committee Reporting Deadline to Secretary [92-09-CMT] (2019)
Reimbursement Guidelines for National Committee Members [05-03-CMT] (2020)
Speakers Bureau Speaker Guidelines [10-01-CMT] (2019)
Special Committees of NAHU [06-01-CMT] (2018)
Structure and Operation of Special Committees [06-02-CMT] (2018)

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Communications P&Ps

July HIU Cover [95-03-C] (2019)
August/September HIU Cover [95-02-C] (2019)
Structural Efficiencies between Staff and Volunteer Leadership [13-08-C] (2019)

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Executive P&Ps

Binding Contracts [92-11-EX] (2019)
Competitive Bidding [95-09-EX] (2019)
Conflict of Interest [96-01-EX] (2020)
Document Retention Policy [09-01(1)-EX] (2018)
Duties of the Treasurer and Structure of the Finance Committee [95-03-EX] (2018)
Job Descriptions for NAHU Staff [96-08-EX] (2018)
Membership Affinity Programs [95-11-EX] (2018)
Monthly Mail to Past NAHU President [94-02-EX] (2018)
Personnel Committee [08-10-EX] (2018)
Personnel Reviews [95-03-EX] (2019)
Signatory Authority [98-01-EX] (2018)
Standard Association Meeting Minutes Book [94-04-EX] (2018)
Whistleblower Policy [09-01(2)-EX] (2018)

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Finance P&Ps

Audit Notification [94-05-F] (2018)
Board-Designated Operation Reserves [12-01-F] (2018)
Clearing Uncollectible Accounts Receivable [95-01-F] (2019)
Dissemination of Financial Information to Membership [95-05-F] (2018)
Member and Non-member Pricing [15-01-F] (2018)
NAHU Travel and Entertainment Policy [98-01-F] (2018)
New Chapters [95-02-F] (2019)
Regional Conference Revenues and Expenses [03-01-F] (2019)

Stipend for President [94-02-F] (2018)
Investment Policy [14-01-F] (2020)

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Legislative P&Ps

Legislative Council Meetings [05-09-L] (2019)
Legislative Council Structure [00-01-L] (2018)
Legislative Council Town Hall Meeting [95-10-L] (2019)
Policy Review [00-02-L] (2018)
Legislative Defense Expenditure [02-01-L] (2018)

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Meeting P&Ps

Complimentary Annual Convention and Capitol Conference Registration - Industry VIPs [95-02-MG] (2019)
Liquor Liability Protection [01-01-MG] (2019)

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Membership P&Ps

Dues Waiver for Past Presidents Registration Fee to Annual Convention and Capitol Conference [97-02-MB] (2018)
Membership Council Structure [06-02-MB] (2018)
Membership Retention/Renewals [95-10-MB] (2019)
Payment of Dues to State and Local Chapters [96-03-MB] (2019)
Routing of New Membership Applications [96-02-MB] (2019)
Waiver of Dues for Active Military [03-01-MB] (2018)
Waiver of Past Gordon Award Winners Registration to Annual Convention [06-01-MB] (2018)
NAHU “UNITE” (Unite NAHU in Times of Emergency) Program [16-04-M] (2019)

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