NAHU represents licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants and benefit professionals who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individuals seeking health insurance coverage.
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Training Tools

NAHU PPACA Certification Course - Developed by experts in both PPACA and employment law, this high-level 10-hour course will ensure that the student understands the key technical components of PPACA and is better prepared to counsel his or her clients on upcoming required healthcare changes and new options and requirements for health plans.

HIPAA 2.0 for Agents and Brokers – Compliance and Training Package - The online training quickly explains the HIPAA laws in a multi-media format. Host David C. Smith, a nationally recognized HIPAA and benefits expert, takes you on a video tour of an actual agency and discusses the requirements as they apply to each position in the company. This makes the HIPAA laws come to life using real situations.

HIPAA 2.0 for Employers – Compliance and Training Package - Total HIPAA Compliance provides online training and 50 customizable HIPAA compliance documents. Our package is easy-to-implement and tailor-made for small- and medium-size employers. The Training and Compliance Materials meet the federal requirements for both Privacy and Security.

HIPAA 2.0 for Subcontractors – Compliance and Training Package - If you are a cleaning service, shredding company, an IT vendor, attorney, accountant, building manager or provide records storage that supports a company/insurance agency/healthcare provider that deals with Protected Health Information (PHI), you’re required by law to protect the health information of these clients. Whether you are classified as a Business Associate or a Business Associate Subcontractor depends on for whom you’re doing the work. If you are working for a covered entity, which could be an employer or healthcare provider, you are a Business Associate. If you’re working with an organization that’s classified as a Business Associate such as a health insurance agency, you are a Subcontractor.

Online training, testing and certificate of completion are part of the comprehensive modules tailor-made for Business Associates and or Subcontractors, large or small.

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